JEE Main Cut Off given here are officially announced by Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB). JEE Main Cut Off are given below Round Wise as well as College Wise.

JEE Main Cut Off Round Wise

Round Wise Cut Opening and Closing Ranks are given below.

JEE Main Cut Off College Wise are given below.

National Institute of Technology (NIT)

  1. NIT Jalandhar Cut Off
  2. MNIT Jaipur Cut Off
  3. MANIT Bhopal Cut Off
  4. MNNIT Allahabad Cut Off
  5. NIT Agartala Cut Off
  6. NIT Calicut Cut Off
  7. NIT Delhi Cut Off
  8. NIT Durgapur Cut Off
  9. NIT Goa Cut Off
  10. NIT Hamirpur Cut Off
  11. NIT Karnataka, Surathkal Cut Off
  12. NIT Meghalaya Cut Off
  13. NIT Nagaland Cut Off
  14. NIT Patna Cut Off
  15. NIT Puducherry Cut Off
  16. NIT Raipur Cut Off
  17. NIT Sikkim Cut Off
  18. NIT Arunachal Pradesh Cut Off
  19. NIT Jamshedpur Cut Off
  20. NIT Kurukshetra Cut Off
  21. NIT Manipur Cut Off
  22. NIT Mizoram Cut Off
  23. NIT Rourkela Cut Off
  24. NIT Silchar Cut Off
  25. NIT Srinagar Cut Off
  26. NIT Tiruchirappalli Cut Off
  27. NIT Uttarakhand Cut Off
  28. NIT Warangal Cut Off
  29. SVNIT Surat Cut Off
  30. NIT Andhra Pradesh Cut off
  31. VNIT Nagpur Cut Off

Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)

  1. ABV-IIITM Gwalior Cut Off
  2. IIIT Kota, Rajasthan Cut Off
  3. IIIT Guwahati Cut Off
  4. IIIT Kalyani, West Bengal Cut Off
  5. IIIT Sonepat, Haryana Cut Off
  6. IIIT Una, Himachal Pradesh Cut Off
  7. IIIT Andra Pradesh Cut Off
  8. IIIT Vadodara, Gujrat Cut Off
  9. IIIT Allahabad Cut Off
  10. IIIT Kancheepuram Cut Off
  11. IIITDM Jabalpur Cut Off
  12. RGIIIT Amethi Cut Off
  13. IIIT Manipur
  14. IIIT Trichy
  15. IIIT Lucknow
  16. IIIT Dharwad
  17. IIIT Kurnool
  18. IIIT Kottayam
  19. IIIT Pune
  20. IIIT Nagpur
  21. IIIT Ranchi
  22. IIIT Bhagalpur
  23. IIIT Bhopal
  24. IIIT Surat


  1. Assam University Cut Off
  2. BIT Mesra, Ranchi Cut Off
  3. GKV Haridwar Cut Off
  4. IICT Bhadohi Cut Off
  5. IIIT RAM Ahmedabad Cut Off
  6. IT-GGU Bilaspur Cut Off
  7. J.K. Institute Allahabad Cut Off
  8. NIEIT Aurangabad Cut Off
  9. NIFFT Hatia, Ranchi Cut Off
  10. SLIET Longowal Cut Off
  11. MZU Aizawl Cut Off
  12. School of Engineering Tezpur University Cut Off
  13. SPA Bhopal Cut Off
  14. SPA Delhi Cut Off
  15. SPA Vijayawada Cut Off
  16. SMVDU Jammu and Kashmir Cut Off
  17. IIEST Shibpur
  18. HNB Garhwal University
  19. IIIT Naya Raipur
  20. University of Hyderabad
  21. IICPT Thanjavur, Tamilnadu

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